Friday, February 26, 2010

A Day of First

Thursday 25th February 2010

We took Mia for a dip in the pool. For the very first time. Yes, she was naked... but in that 1 minute in the water, she was having a blast.

It was a memorable day for all of us who were there: Rosie, Teresa, Lola Dora and of course for Mia and I too.
Mia's first picture, inside the pool. Together with Rosie on the left.

OK. Your 1 minute is up!

She Dit It!

Thursday 25 February 2010

While watching a Tom and Jerry cartoon show today...

Mia was trying extra hard to flip by herself. She was making a lot of noise, mostly due to her being frustrated with not being able to get get that final turn.

Here she is trying really hard.

Then, yahoooooo!!!! She did it. She flipped all by herself. For the very first time.

Happy Birthday Lola Dora

Wednesday 24 February 2010

Mia and I attended Lola Dora's (Teresa's mum) 76th birthday celebration (yes, another surprise party) hosted by a relative of hers (Dora). The theme was floral, so we came out decked in our flowers. Yes, Mia has a huge accessory on too.

Birthday girl, Lola Dora is on the extreme right.

Look into my eyes... so says Shae. He's so cute, at 5 months, he already weighs 10kg. LOL! He was wearing jeans that night. It looked like my maternity jeans :)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

3 months old today

Time flies. She's 3 months already. Her socks and booties don't fit her anymore.

Today we brought her to the clinic for her 3 month injection. Here she is so comfortable with her Papa while waiting for the doctor to arrive.

Mia is really alert. She likes to see what others are doing and try to copy. Here she is trying to copy another patient kicking one leg in the air.

Soon, it was time for us to go in. She weighs 6kg now. When it was time for her jab... oh well, lets just say we've had better days! She cried longer than usual.

How we spent our 1st Anniversary

Sunday 21st February 2010

Yes, it was 1 year ago that Fred and I said our "I dos" in front of families and friends.

So how did we spend our Paper Anniversary? We joined Janet, Teresa, Christine and Mervyn to visit and donate some goodies to the San Damiano Home in Kiulu. Teresa's mum, and her friend Vicky also came along.

The home was set up to take in children from poor families and from the rural areas so that these children can attend secondary schools. We were informed by the nuns there that if they did not taken these children in, then there's no way that they could go to secondary schools because they lived too far from the schools (like 7 hours by foot). The home depend on donations from individuals and NGOs as they are not getting government funds to help them run the Home.

Here are some pictures of our visit to share with you:

Janet gives a donation to the Home
Mia and I represented Fred to give a donation to the Home
We joined in the sumazau to the tune of "Tinggi tinggi Gunung Kinabalu" sung by one of the girls of the home

The goodies for the home - rice, dried noodles, biscuits, used clothing, soap etc

A group photo. Thanks to Mervyn for volunteering as the cameraman
The girls had loads of fun playing the game
The boys joined the game too
Mervyn, Vicky and Christine keeping an eye on the kids who were still playing the game

Christine gave out ang pows to the winners of the game

One of the girls of the home. I forgot her name! I think it was Nelly.

The kids shook hands with us as we were about to leave. Fred and Teresa's mum were so tired they had to sit down!

Before leaving, Christine took time to admire the sunflowers.

I love this picture of Christine taking pictures of the sunflowers.

Out & About @ 1Borneo

Last Saturday, we decided to take my cousin's kids who have been helping us around the house for a treat at 1Borneo before sending them home.

It was a good time too to test out the Mothercare 3-way baby carrier that we bought 2 months ago. That's right, we bought it 2 months ago and only now are we testing it!

For this first test, I carried Mia facing the front. I must say it is very convenient because I have both hands free now and I could shop a lot more easier. The only thing is, I need Fred to help me put Mia into it because I still don't have the hang of it yet. Once in, Mia was just enjoying herself looking around at all the red decorations placed everywhere in 1Borneo, the crowd who were busy window-shopping and the brightly-lit shops.
I love it. Mia loves it. Husband is yet to try it out himself. I even have to place my fingers on the side of Mia's head to take this picture because she kept on turning her head to look at all the bright red decorations

After a bit of shopping, yes, I bought another sticker from Kaison (hahaha!), we went to look for food. We ended up at Kenny Rogers Roasters.

Banana, Chocolate and Vanilla muffins. Or rather, what's left of them. We were so hungry that we gobbled the whole plate before I managed to take a picture.

Fred's quarter chicken with coleslaw, corn and carrot, and green salad

My quarter chicken with potatoes galore

It was the first time for my cousin's kids to eat at Kenny Rogers Roasters

It was the first time for Mia to be at 1Borneo, and to be at Kenny Rogers Roasters. While we enjoyed our chicken meal, she had to make do with her dummy!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Those Little Things

Sometimes, I just like to stare at her as she sleeps.

The celebration continues

Our next door neighbour invited us over for their Chinese New Year celebration dinner. Our Mia got restless after half an hour there. Who knew.... she wanted milk again! It was only an hour and a half ago she was fed.

Arrrgh! I had to leave their house to make milk for her and Fred carried her home shortly. After feeding, we went back to the party.

Mia with my next door neighbour's mum (who is also a neighbour of ours)
Mia and my next door neighbour

There was a lion dance performance as well

By 9.15pm, we were back home. Our tired little girl just wants to snuggle up and sleep.

Friday, February 19, 2010

A Birthday and CNY Celebration... just us!

I don't fancy big parties. I used to. But since being "hooked up" I much prefer small parties of close families and friends.

This Chinese New Year, we've attended family gatherings - on both sides. So that's done.

Yesterday, Fred and I hosted a very small gathering of 10 + 1 for Chinese New Year and a secret birthday celebration. Thanks for bringing the food and drinks Janet, Teresa, Rosie, Mervyn & Christine.
My Mia has to be dressed up in her Chinese costume.
Rosie arrives with her puddings - she made them herself ;)

In that cooler - Beer, shandy and ice-cream. This Mr & Mrs Yong ahhhhh, carried their cooler to our place with the goodies. So thoughtful. Thanks Merv & Christine!
Mr & Mrs Yong: Mervyn & Christine with our Mia
My bridesmaids, maid-of-honor, and birthday girl
Mama Mia! What big arms you've got?!
Our busy ladies getting the food ready
Chicken soup by me; prawns, noodles and beancurd by Teresa; acar timun and chicken curry by Janet. I bought duck and roasted pork too (not photographed!)
Pudding by Rosie
Birthday girl still doesn't know this is her birthday celebration. She insists on getting a pink spoon for her pudding.
Maker meet (eat) her pudding
Our babysitter for the night, my niece Krystle @ Yen yen
Happy birthday Lola Dora! Thanks Christine for carrying out the cake and "saving" Teresa