Monday, January 12, 2009

Hair Extension

Haaaa.... the things we do in the name of beauty. Remember Eyebrow Embroidery which I did just last week?

Well, guess what happened today. There's an addition to the number of vanity victims for this year. Tadaaaaa: Janet had her hair extensions done @ i-Saloon in Lido! In a mere couple of hours (in Janet's case 4 hours because she had her hair coloured as well), she has grown her hair from just below the chin length down to below her shoulders.
Janet gave in to her craving of having her long mane once more. I really should have taken a "before" picture, but I got so confused with all the promos the management and staff were throwing at us ie everything from shampoo to slimming products. That is one of the many reasons why I don't like to go to saloons, beauty centres etc and would only patronise such place when I really need to go and seek professional help. Some pampering sessions can be really stressful when being bombarded with sweet talks on their latest promotions.

Nonetheless, the experience was a real eye opener. At least I learnt how they do hair extensions (strands of new hair are braided to the old hair) and Janet now has hair to tie up into a pretty bun!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Sushi Marathon

Oh what a day!

Janet and I went out today to 1Borneo with the intention of checking out the function rooms package at 3 of the 4 hotels there.

I was really hungry upon reaching there and suggested to Janet that we eat first. She had RM100 worth of vouchers from Wagamama so that's where we headed.

Happy were we until we were informed that in order to use the RM100, we'd have to spend at least RM200 from the sushi trailer thing @ 50% off.

As we didn't want to waste the voucher, we decided to give RM100 worth of sushi a try for a RM50 discount. Here's what RM100 worth of sushi plates look like:Count them..... there's like 13 plates there! Finished by Janet and I.

Yes, we did manage to check out the hotels. Here's the rundown:

- yes, they've function rooms ready for us to use. But we need to check with their sales staff during office hours if we wanted more information on their meeting package. Novotel's design is really modern and trendy. I love the use of Calla Lillies in their lobby area.

- nope. Function rooms not ready yet. I wasn't impressed with front office supervisor though. Sorry to say it but she lacked customer service skills. On another note, somehow Mercure's layout is quite similar to Novotel. Knowing 1Borneo, these 2 hotels maybe owned by the same group of people huh. Though their look may be similar, Mercure lacked the sophisticated feel of Novotel and this can be seen from just looking at the staff's uniforms.

- yes, they also have function rooms for 25, 50 and 100 pax. The staff at the reception told us to wait awhile as they do have sales kit for us. We waited in the lobby and watched the 3 ladies at the reception counter chit-chatting away with their back facing us - very unprofessional. Nonetheless, they later did give us the sales kit complete with a promotional CD packed in a 1Borneo paper bag.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Sinma is in KK!

Hey hey ladies... yes! Sinma has finally arrived in KK and many congratulations to Anne Antah on the opening of her first outlet at Karamunsing Complex (1st floor - just follow the footprints!)

I came earlier than the scheduled ribbon cutting ceremony as I wanted to surprise Anne in presenting her with glitterati flowers. Yet the surprise was on me when I caught sight of her being 5 month preggers!!! It's a double congratulations for her today and my gosh, she looks so fine.

I am very happy that Sinma is now in KK. I don't have to wait for my pilgrimage to KL anymore to get fantastic looking accessories at such affordable prices.

In her speech, it was so touching to hear Anne share with us how her mum taught and inspired her to be entrepreneurial for as a child, Anne used to sell her mum's kuih.

He he he! I'm now a member of Sinma having spent more than RM50 at the opening! Here's what I bought for me and my nieces:

Note: Come drop by the Anne's Sinma outlet on Saturday 10th Jan 2009. There are lots of exciting things in their programme happening there and kiddies will get free balloons too!

Anne getting her hair done by Yanti, minutes before the ribbon cutting ceremony. Love that hair clip, it can double up as a brooch, or even a corsage. By the way, you can also have Sinma staff to help you set your hair for functions with every purchase of Sinma hair accessories.

Friends from SWEPA were there to congratulate another woman entrepreneur realising her dreams.

Our dear friend and former colleague from our Informatics days - Florie Makajil came by with a bouquet of gorgeous pink daisies for Anne. And yes, she shopped @ Sinma today.

The store was flooded with flowers from well-wishers. Among them were ta-da: from JCI Intan members (left) and glittered flowers from Fred & I (right).

Brides-to-be alert: there are even potential accessories for flower girls available here.

Zyee & Lenore were there goofing around with the sunnies in the store. And yes, Lenore bought the cool sunglasses. I agree with Zyee, those glasses suits her. Notice the package inside the basket - that's the refreshment packs given to those who attended the opening. We all got one!!!!

With her mum and hubby Andrew by her side, Mr Lee Hwa Cheng - the Exec Chairman of Sinma Jewellery Sdn Bhd at far left, and the guest of honour Datuk Tan Yong Gee on the right, Anne leads the ribbon cutting ceremony and officially opens SINMA's door to all us girly girls out here! Congratulations Anne!!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Eyebrow Embroidery

There are people out there who are willing to try out anything in the name of beauty. I’m not an exception.

I’m just so frustrated with my eyebrows – they’re weird. On the one side it gets wild and bushy fast. On the other, it’s like plantations in the desert (so rare) caused by over-plucking many years back. So, whenever possible, I do get help from professionals to tame my brows. Each time I do so, the professionals highlight the “issues” with my brows. Each time they do, they’d recommend this fantastic procedure called “Eyebrow Embroidery”.

Last Friday, I gave in to their sweet talk and tried out “Eyebrow Embroidery”. It’s not tattooing they say – it’s a simple procedure which takes less than 3 minutes using a machine to make your brows trimmed, shaped, and really natural. All they need to do is to draw the brows first and if I like the shape, then they’ll perform procedure.

OK, I thought. So I lie on the bed and put my full trust on the eyebrow engineer. For the pain that I endured, they might as well call it tattooing. When it was finally over and what seemed like eternity, I opened my eyes and had the shock of my life. My brows were as charcoal black as charcoal black can be. I felt that my brows were so fake!

I was then told not to worry as it’ll peel over the next few days and I’ll have natural looking brows then. And I can come back for touch ups a month after the procedure (4th Feb). It’s been 3 days – 3 days of pure torture every time I move my brows. Imagine being sun burnt and your crisp dry skin which is still attached to your flesh cracks – that’s how it feels.

For 3 days, I’ve been going around attending dinners, meeting friends, relatives and vendors while at the same time showcasing my engineered brows. During these times, I could feel how awkward they felt looking at my brows. Honestly there were times I wanted to just say to them without them asking me: “Yes, my brows are even more weird now that I had something done”.

Over the past 3 days, each time my brow reacts according to my facial expression, they hurt. After applying Johnson’s baby oil on them, they feel a little bit better. Nonetheless, after a while they start to hurt again. Of course it doesn’t help that my itchy fingers seem to find their way to my brows and start touching and peeling my barbecued brow.

So now I wait in vain to see how they’ll look like once the peeling is done – naturally. Let’s just hope the pain is worth it!

The Big Countdown

While still ushering in the New Year (yes, we're still out there wishing everyone happy new year), darling and I also welcomed with open arms the countdown to our big day. We’ve been changing dates so many times, I’ve nearly lost count. These were the dates:

  • 09.09.09 (because of the 999 thing. Had to be changed because there was a complaint that it was too long a period to wait)
  • 01.08.09 (because my love for the number 189)
  • May 2009 (later changed because my sister is due to give birth in April)
  • March 2009 (this had to be scrapped off because of the lent period)
  • 28.02.09 (oh, we were so confirmed on this date since September last year. Then came the big revelation that lent begins on 25 Feb 2009. So once again, we had to change the date)
  • Finally, as at today it’s settled to 21.02.09

Do you see a pattern here? While most couple would move their big day to a later date, we did the opposite. And no, I’m not pregnant (yet), so cut that suspicion out.

With just 6 weeks to prepare for everything (including Chinese New Year holidays), yes, it is a rush to prepare for the day.

Last night darling asked me "Are you stressed?". The answer I gave was "No". I’ve come to the decision that I am only going to be as stressed as much as I allow myself to be. With my big red planner in hand, the internet as my PA, my blingified Nokia cellphone connecting me to other people who’ll be helping, I’m so ready to take on the challenge.