Friday, August 14, 2009

Of 9s

14 August 2009, Friday.

Baby countdown ..... only 99 days to go!

Finally we've dropped to double digit numbers. Excited yes, scared YES.

I'm getting leg cramps and my ribs are torturing me when I slouch. Good time to improve on my posture.

As for Poppy, well she/he is happily squirming away inside there, especially when there's a song playing. She/He was kicking real hard as I watched a Michael Jackson concert on TV. When I lay down on the bed after rubbing stretch mark lotion all over my belly each morning and night, I can see and feel Poppy kicking and squirming away as well. It's like a scene from an Alien movie. Weird and amazing at the same time.

I'm getting heavier now. My last weigh-in a couple of days ago was 60kg. Poppy is 900g and I'm happy/concerned a bit (I was told this is a little chubby for a 25 week year old. The usual weight is 750g) . Happy that Poppy is growing but concerned that she/he may be a bit too big for my huu haa to handle at birth.

The gender, again I'm told we can't be too sure but most probably Poppy is a girl. Yeah!!!!! But I'm not getting my hopes up too high ....

My next appointment is going to be on 9 Sept 2009. That's 09.09.09. Fred and I originally planned to get married on that date but due to family persistence, we changed the dates many times and ended up getting married on 21.02.2009.

But hey, 09.09.09 would still be a significant day for us. The day we'll find out if we'll be expecting an Amelia @ Mia OR an Alan, for sure.

My niece Avie would be glad. She cried out that we can't call our baby Poppy - that's a DOG! I had to explain to her that Poppy is a flower and the name is only temporary.

By the way, Fred changed our desktop background picture to this:Cute right?! We've got cream and white coloured clothings covered. So, will we be buying clothes in pink or blue anytime soon? Only time will tell. Haaaaaa, 09.09.09

Thursday, August 13, 2009

1st Ezah Family Reunion

The Joimols

On Saturday 1st August 2009, the Ezah family (our family - the Joimols, are descendants of Majani Ezah) had our 1st family reunion held at Mamai Anselmus Dusain Majani's residence.

Lots of activities were held with the objective of having family members and relations getting to know each other better. Of these activities, there was of course the family portraits. Unfortunately, at the time the Joimols were getting their group photo taken, I was emceeing the presentation of prizes to the children. And Fred, he was still at work - chairing his company's Regional Meeting.

So, the 2.5 of us (Fred, Me & Poppy) took a separate photo much later in the afternoon:

My sister-in-law Elva and little Rederick also managed to make it to the reunion. Little Rederick at 10 months can walk and run a little already. He's such a happy boy, always drooling and smiling showing off his 4 front teeth:

The Children's Games/Sports events were held earlier in the morning (8.00 am - 10.00 am). It was such fun chairing this part of the whole reunion thing. I had help from my aunts, cousins and nieces in arranging for this part. Here are just some of the pictures taken:
Treasure Hunt (searching for coins in a plate covered with flour)

Limbo rock - see how round I've become! I feel like humpty dumpty with boobies at this stage

Eating competition. That's Anne Anne up there trying to finish her watermelon.

Remember this game? Coconut Shell race - my cousin Susanna and her kids together with my cousin Jevitus were huge help in finding these coconut shells. We kept them after the reunion so that next time, we don't have to beg those pasar aunties to give to us.

Team event: Passing rubber bands scavenged from a plate of flour using straws to the end of the line. We had 3 teams of 5 members each. All were guaranteed winners of course - either 1st, 2nd or 3rd placing!