Sunday, January 24, 2010

Crafty Saturday

Can't find the words to say it, but this is what Janet and I did today. Joined the ladies from my church (BCCM Kolombong (English)) for a craft session.



A boy made a lantern faster and better than some of us!

Mia is 2 months old today

I miss our baby!

Mia is exactly 2 months old today and she's sleeping over at my parents home.

Why? Well because:
  1. Our house got treated for termites (preventive measure) and we don't want her to be exposed to the chemicals. We were told that it's ok to bring her back into the house after 2 hours, but we didn't want to take the risk
  2. We were going to our friends' home to attend the 100-days prayers for their late daughter. By the time we get home, it'll be too late into the night and we didn't want to disturb Mia's sleep.
Anyway at Mia's 2 month check-up this afternoon....

She was weighed. Now 5.4kg. Big girl! She didn't like the scale so....

I had to play with her for a while and calm her down.

Next: injection time... darn camera didn't work. Mia screamed a bit... sekejap ja.. about 5 seconds only

After that 5 seconds: our strong girl just stares after the ordeal. Then slept on the way to my parent's home!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Our strong girl

This is a late post.

Just for the record.

As at 11 Jan 2010, Mia can lie on her belly, lift her head and look around for at least 3 minutes before she gets tired. Or maybe she just gets bored after 3 minutes.

Yeah! 1 month 2 weeks development.

My Husband thinks I have ....

I looked at Mia's "feeding station" and saw this:

Complete with a pen for me to do a self test youuuuuuu...

Then when I entered our computer room to blog, I saw this on the screen:

Not only that, later in the night as I put Mia to bed, I found this in our bedroom:

Then I came into our computer room again and found this:
So... first Postnatal depression. Now he thinks I'm FAT?!!

Seriously though,
  • on the Postnatal Depression issue, my husband is just concerned about my more-than-usual-cranky self this pass couple of weeks. I took the test and scored a 9. Borderline pass. If I scored a 10, I'd need to talk to someone.
  • on the body weight issue, I think (I HOPE) that's for him.....

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Experimenting with Cloth Diapering

Mia has super sensitive bum. She loves to be in water which is evident during bath time. But when it comes to getting her diaper wet, we're greeted with this:

I use cloth diapers on her when we're at home. But the ones I use have been the conventional type and I do layer the cloth with nappy liners. We go through 12 - 15 nappies a day and at night, 3 disposable diapers.

So, after doing my "research", I decided to try out other cloth diapering methods. Modern cloth diapers (CDs) don't come cheap but if they can keep her bottom feel dry, they're worth the investment. Plus, they're good for the environment.

I bought 4 CDs today just to experiment before buying even more.

A fluffy looking one with pink stripes. Sweet.

A solid pink one. Hey she's a girl!

One with barn animals for fun. Cute.

A bright red one for just in case my next one will be a boy. It'll be hand-me-downs for baby #2.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Gifts from Canada

One of my dearest friends, Janet recently returned from her trip to Canada. She came to our house this evening bearing gifts for us and an album full of photos ... plus even more photos on her lappie!

Lucky Mia got a bright red jersey with the word "Canada" printed on it. On the one line it says "CAN" ... and then the next line it says "ADA" It looks so cool! She's gonna wear this jersey to collect ang pow this Chinese New Year! CAN collect ang pow now... mesti ADA ang pow ah!

She also got a little purse (hmmm... she can stuff her dummy in there one day)

Another gift for Mia...a keychain with her name on it (maybe she'll attach another dummy on that too) and me... cheng cheng cheng cheng.... I also got some stuff from Canada too:

A Canadian moose-y keychain. Reminds me of a certain favourite show of mine once shown on the telly way back in the 90s

A decorative plate with words reminding us of our precious friendship

It's so nice to have Janet back here and looking really happy. Thanks Janet & Magdy for the gifts! Thanks Magdy for making Janet happy!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Day I Cried (again!)

Last night (Sunday), Mia was crying hysterically. At first, I thought that she was angry because I was late in getting her milk to her. Then I thought it's because she wanted more milk. After that, I thought maybe it's her dress that making her distressed so I took the dress off. Still no improvement.

I told my husband to get her Kangaroo Oil and quickly rubbed it on her belly. She relaxed for a while then the crying started again. I was getting worried, agitated, irritated and wanted to burst into tears but had to get hold of myself. My husband got the Gripe Water he bought a few days earlier and suggested maybe we try to give it to her. He asked me if I knew how to give to her, I shouted back at him to just read me the instructions. I had a screaming baby in my arms, I was in no condition to read for myself.

After giving her the Gripe Water, Mia was slightly better. It was then I realised she hasn't pooped the whole day. It must be bowel problem. Thank goodness for the Gripe Water. It was then I was able to cradle Mia to sleep.

This morning as Mia was finally pooping and husband left for work, I just cried and cried. I don't know why. Maybe it was pure joy that she managed to poop. Maybe I regretted being hard on my husband the night before when he was trying his best to help. Maybe because after Mia pooped, she gave me the biggest smile.

After my good cry, I prayed. I prayed for Mia's well-being. I prayed for forgiveness. I prayed that the Lord give me the strength, patience and wisdom to handle things better.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Newborns can be so demanding

I've been a bad blogger. Yes, since the end of my confinement, I've abandoned this blog of mine. To put it simply, I've been busy.

It's amazing how much of my time and energy is taken up by a little creature called Amy Liew Yi Mei. My Mia, our diva.

As I'm blogging this, she's lying in her cot in the living room making little noises trying to get my attention. I've learnt to stop myself from running to pick her up everytime she makes little noises. Sometimes she'll give up and fall asleep. Sometimes, (most of the times is more accurate I'd say), she'll cry louder and louder till I have to cave in. See why she's our little diva.

Her needs are simple:
1. Milk
2. Pacifier @ cucut @ dummy
3. Sleep
4. Dry bottom
5. Walk about
6. Rock & cradle
7. Poop
8. Burp

But at a time when she is yet able to speak, trying to figure out throughout the day and night which one of these is "her need of the moment" is taxing.

Yes, newborns can be so demanding. But at the end of the day... seeing this makes all the tiring work worth the effort:
My big darling and little darling having their "chat"