Monday, August 22, 2011

5 months old

Alan turned 5 months last week and I totally forgot about it. Oh my!

He's not that heavy weighing at just 8kg however, carrying him in my arms for most part of the day can be really tiring. Most part of the day? Well, yes especially last week. He was sick (a bit of flu, a bit of cough, and a whole lot of cranky attitude) but thankfully he's OK now.

I haven't started him on solids yet because we'd be going away for vacation. Call me selfish, whatever but I don't want to go through the hassle of making porridge etc for him while on vacation. Anyway, he's only 5 months ba!

I would start introducing him to solids once we're back though.

He can roll with ease now but have not started crawling yet. I'm waiting for him to show the first sign ie lift his bum!

If he wants to get to someplace he wants to be, he would just roll and roll. He'll even roll off the "play mattress" and onto the floor to get closer to Mia's toys.

Let's see if he is able to lift his bum by next month!

Can't Satisfy Everyone

I was playing with Alan the other day... sat him down in his "inherited from big sister seat", wrapped an elephant neck rest round his neck and took his photos.
Alan was enjoying the whole experience and I was laughing with him.

Seeing the attention was all on Alan, Mia got jealous and tried to pull away the neck rest from Alan.

I stopped her and she got cranky... as expected.

I then asked her sit next to Alan and I took pictures of them together. She still wasn't happy about it.

Suddenly.... NAH! She got up and sat on him. She wanted him out of the way. OMG.

Kesian si kecil. Kena babysit by not-so-big sister pula.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

1st Timer @ Blog Hop: My Wedding Dress

This is a blog hop initiated by Cath-J.

I'm watching TLC's show "Say Yes to the Dress" on Discovery Home & Health as I'm typing this.

I like watching this show because in a weird way, I find it quite entertaining to watch eager brides going through the stress, excitement, anxiety, shedding tears of joy and otherwise. Yes, we once-upon-a-bride have been through all that before.

As for me, there wasn't much drama surrounding my choice of dress. Well, maybe just one - will my dress be ready on time for the wedding?!!! You see, I had my dress custom made.

That's me in my wedding dress leaving my parents home for the very last time as a single woman. Adeh, I flipped my veil to the back because I wanted to be super comfortable walking to the car. Bila mau dekat church sudah, then I flipped it back to cover my face. LOL! Everyone (except for the ringbearer) had their dresses custom made. No rentals.

A married woman. My maid of honor and bridesmaids designed their own dresses. I wanted them to be comfortable in the dress design of their choice. We only decided on their fabric together.

After the church service, we returned to my parents' home for the lunch reception. We got changed into the traditional Kadazan costume and wore it till the reception was over (sampai malam bah ging!). The traditional costumes were "free" ie my old traditional costume, and the one my husband is wearing is on loan from my brother-in-law.

Why custom make? 3 main reasons:
  1. I had a really simple style in mind and I didn't want to be tempted by the fabulous dresses in bridal shops. My dress is really super simple but I loved every inch of it.
  2. Cheaper. All in all, I spent in total around RM2500 (husband paid for all ;) thank you darling). This includes material and labour from flower girls (I had 7 altogether), ring bearer's clothes were bought but included in the budget, maid-of-honor, 2 bridesmaids and even my husband's suit.
  3. We all get to keep what we wore. Maybe one day, I'll wear my wedding dress to a party. LOL!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

NEW - dress?

We were watching TV the other day and out came Jessica Alba looking gorgeous even though she also looks as if she'll be popping her baby out any time on that red carpet.

My husband then commented: "Nice dress kaaaaaaaan?!" ihik, ihik, ihik (laugh). "You want, I buy for you?" he continues.

Well darling, that's a Dolce and Gabbana number she has on. I don't mind you buying it for me. Better still, give me the cash to the value of the dress and I'll get lots and lots of lovely dresses. Ihik, ihik, ihik!!!!

Seriously though, I think that my husband either:
  1. thinks that I'm still fat with leftovers of my preggy belly
  2. suggests that I should be covered up to my toes
  3. wants me to get pregnant again
Its OK...

Que Sera, Sera,
Whatever will be, will be
The future's not ours, to see
Que Sera, Sera
What will be, will be.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

NEW - Playground set!

Our dear friends Donald & Lucinda have been busy clearing up some stuff in their storeroom to make space for Don's things.

And one of the things that Cinda has to (painfully I'm sure) had to get rid off was a playground set: Hide & Slide Climber by Little Tikes. Of all people she contacted to "handover" this gem of toy to, was me! Yeah!!! Mia has always been a fan of slides and I'm sure she'd love this.

It once belonged to her eldest child, Ashley whose all grown up now (13 years old) and was passed down to her younger brother, Tristan. Apparently the boy's a real little tike on the playground set, which could be dangerous so they had to put it away in the store room.

They didn't dare bring it out for baby no 3.... another boy!
This morning, Don & Cinda came over to set up the playground. Cinda checked somewhere and the setup was suppose to take around 20 minutes. We timed her and she did the setup in 9 minutes! How efficient can you get?!

Don did help doing the heavy punching things into places stuff. Sorry Don, I didn't get to take your picture helping. LOL!

I then picked up Mia from her nursery later this afternoon. When she noticed the playground set she was so surprised. She dropped her towel (she always carries her towel everywhere she goes), stood for a while looking stunned, turned around to look at me and when I gave her the nod of approval she just shrieked like a mad woman and went straight to climber.

I was frantically looking for my handphone to take her picture and by the time I got to take her picture, she had already slid down the slide. Look at that, she just went for the slide while still holding on to her other favourite toy - a mini abacus.

The slide and the ground were still wet when she played on it but she didn't care . She was having a blast.

Even when I begged her to come inside the house she pretended not to hear me. She just sat there pretending to be "busy". I finally did manage to lure her into the house by increasing the volume on the TV!

3 hours later, she's outside again! And she didn't even bother taking her binky off before running outside.

Luckily we have our domestic help to keep an eye on her and play with her outdoors.

She's getting much better with her landing now.

After playing for over an hour, I got Mia to come inside for her bath. She stepped into the living room, she saw the back door was still opened, and she just ran towards it, laughing in glee. Our domestic help was at the back taking the laundry and was fast to catch our girl. So we let her play again for another half hour before she went for her bath.

That's not the end of it. After her bath, she came down to the living room. I had our front door open but the grill locked. Mia was beyond disappointed but still optimistic - she tried to squeeze through the grill! OMG!

Let's see how she is tomorrow.... hmmmmmm....

Movie of the Moment

The days have been extremely hot of late and we've been spending a lot of time indoors. To keep Mia entertained while I entertain Alan, I allow her to watch DVDs and Astro. I know, its not very healthy but there's not much that I can do with a 20 month old.

Her favorite movie on DVD of the moment is:

The movie is pretty cute and funny I must say. I quite enjoy it too. Our girl loves it and get ever so emotional each time she watches this movie.

Laughing, crying, shrieking, hitting, sobbing, rolling on the floor, hiding during the "scary" parts. Ughhhh, we have an uber emotional girl.

Her favorite character in the movie is Nanette the frog. Mia would laugh out loud whenever she sees Nanette appear. She (Mia) even laughs to bed after watching the movie. We reckon she's recalling Nanette's antics.

Our girl, she's just so funny at times!