Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Her 1st Birthday Cake

Our Mia put on a brave smile for her 1st birthday cake. Mummy was crying taking this picture. I was one part happy, one part a little sad... so emotional! Mia's been throwing up all day and refused milk. The little milk that she did consume came out soon after. Poor baby.

I gave her "vomit" medicine later this evening and that helped a bit for her to hold her milk in. You see, she's been chewing on all sorts of things this past few days. She's teething (finally). Two teeth at the bottom have cut through her gum.]]
Here's wishing for a better tomorrow.

1 Today!

YES! Our Mia is 1 year old today. It was a rough start to her day though.... she woke up vomiting, then as I was giving her a wash in the bath tub, she poo poo-ed... in the bath water!

There's no big celebration today because her Papa is not with us... he's out of town for his company's bi-annual meeting :( It'll be just herself, me and errrr..... we'll see who's available later! Her real celebration has been planned for later this week.

I was looking at her photos and felt a little nostalgic. Yes, I became a bit teary eyed as I looked at how she's grown... hair and all! Here's Mia through her first 12 months:

Monday, November 22, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree.... Oh Christmas Tree

I started our Christmas deco project last Thursday.... with a little "help" from my elf Mia. It was quite frustrating thinking of a corner for the tree which is not within reach of my elf's curious little hands. In the end, I decided to put it up on our corner table.

All we need to add now is more presents. We've started on the presents. So far it's 3 down, and many, many more to go!

Meanwhile, someone's mighty happy with the tree!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

My Crybaby

That's Mia just last night.

Our DVD player is not working and she was trying to get her Tinker Bell DVD in the DVD player. I took it away from her because:
  1. the DVD is quite sharp and I wouldn't want her to to hurt herself
  2. she might break the DVD
  3. she might do further damage to the player
It'll be her 1st year birthday soon.... Hmmmm

Seems like only yesterday I was presented with a crying (or should I say, "screaming") baby in the delivery room! That's her right then and there with that same pitiful cry.