Friday, January 28, 2011


Some friends of a friend from Japan will be coming over for a holiday in Sabah next week and are eager to learn our Malay language. Our friend asked us to assist in looking for a book for them to refer to and they'll be meeting up with us during their very brief stopover in KK.

Seeing that our girl is recovering from her bout of flu, fever and cough I decided to bring her along to shop for the book at Popular Bookstore, City Mall.

We were lucky to get the best parking spot.... right next to the entrance into the mall at the basement car park. I put her in her stroller and off we went!

I managed to find a great set for Conversational Malay which includes a CD, phrase book (with English and Chinese translation) and a pocket dictionary. This should be handy for them since Japanese do know Chinese scripts. And then I noticed something... the set is in pink colour! Takako would have loved this.

Anyway, I took our girl for a stroll around City Mall in her stroller and soon it was time to go home.

As expected, she was not happy. She was crying (with mucus flowing out of her nose and into her mouth!) and trying hard to "talk" to me (as if I could understand what she was saying). I had to pee so I took her out of her seat and went back into the mall to use their washroom.

After the washroom, I let our girl walk around the podium area and like a woman on a mission, she headed straight to a stall selling dog balloon thingy.

So this was what she wanted. She must have eyed that dog when I was pushing her around in her stroller earlier. Look at that, as if she's taking a real dog out for a walk. The other patrons around the podium area were just smiling and making way for her!

Walking back to our car is another thing. Me holding her hand, she pulling her "NEW pet" on a leash. I wonder if anyone saw and laughed at us.

And once we're home:

She was so eager to show her dog its new home.

First, need to check on the leash (she learnt this from Elmo!)

OK doggie, let's go!

Trying to teach her dog to stand on its hind legs?!

We have 1 happy child.

She woke up really early this morning and cried, wanting to go down to play with her pet. It was still dark and I wanted to sleep. Oh well.

Errr... Roll over doggie?!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Been busy with our NEW baby

Hold on to your panties... I havent' given birth yet! But we do have a NEW baby..
tadaaaaa... A Panasonic Lumix-FZ100.

We got this camera mainly because of its SUPERZOOM and Full HD Video features... super handy for our holidays! Its not quite a compact camera, neither is it a DSLR. Its an in-between I'd say. And the size is not so intimidating... it can easily fit into my bag. We got it at a really special price, thanks to my husband's brother who is a Panasonic authorised dealer ;)

My husband brought it home late one evening and by the time the battery got charged for the camera's maiden shooting session, the main model and photographer fell asleep!

Photo taken by the husband!

Anyway, I've been busy trying out the camera this past couple of weeks. Here are just some of the pictures taken (untouched) using the iA (Intelligent Auto mode):

She was so happy that I put on her Elmo DVD on.

An afternoon walk outdoors.

It's a jungle out there. Hmmmm, need to tend to the garden

This past week has been horrible. Our little model has been battling with constipation. That's her trying hard to poo poo.

Then, she was (and still is) down with flu, fever and cough.

Yummmmy.... banana cake topped with peanut butter

Sunday, January 2, 2011

A Happy NEW Year

Our new year started off with some minor bumps...

Mia woke up minutes before the stroke of midnight of the new year and did not go back to sleep until around 5am in the morning. No, she wasn't celebrating, she was restless because of her blocked nose. I had to stay up with her watching DVDs... Toy Story, Tinker Bell, Winnie the Pooh.

We wanted to attend my cousin's wedding reception later in the afternoon, but husband and Mia are still not 100% fit, and so we decided we'd better not go. :(

But I'm so excited anticipating this what's going to happen this NEW year.

I have a NEW buddy to enjoy Japanese food. Just look at how fast she gobbles up a spoonful of food! And she won't let go off the spoon.

Her favourite for now is Unagi with rice and chawan mushi. Unagi has lots of little bones and I only give her bits of the flesh but she LOVES the sauce on rice.

There will be lots of NEW things to come, NEW places to visit but the biggest NEW for us us would be......

Our NEW baby boy!!!! Yes, we're expecting this bundle of joy (hopefully with a bit more hair!) this March. Mia's gonna be a big sister soon.

Gotta start shopping for our boy's NEW things soon. You see, my husband would not allow me to let him wear any pink things of Mia's.