Sunday, November 20, 2011

Passport photos

Our kids both have their passports done some time ago. But I did have to get some new passport photos done of them recently to for membership updates, applications and other stuff.1st the boy, not so easy. He kept on looking all other directions except the camera. This was his best shot.

Then the girl. A nightmare. She wouldn't sit still. She kept on running, climbing, opening drawers etc. This was her best shot.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

2nd Giveaway by SJB.

MY PHOTOPAGE.. (My Personal Blog).: 2nd Giveaway by SJB.
So here I am on a Wednesday evening doing nothing but letting my fingers do the walking on the WWW.

As I was looking through blogs I'm following, hey presto... there's some competitions going on and lovely prizes to be won.

Of course I want to try my luck and win... the G.L.A.M. bag. It would be puuuurfect for me. Its been a while since I got a bag for me (ie one not shared with my little munchkins)

Please... let it be me SJB!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

KFC Double Zinger Burger

I don't cook much.

Dinner on weekends are big cheats. Usually take-outs, rarely eat-ins. Have you met our kids?
Yes, that's why.

I went to KFC just now to 'tapau' our dinner. Ordered a Dinner Plate and Snack Plate combo. Then I decided to try their "new" burger. It looked rather impressive on their posters.

Double layer of the zinger pieces on top of a really nice looking cheese. There's a slice of pineapple, salad, and oozing at the top - barbeque sauce and mayo. All these goodness sandwiched inside a perfect sesame seed bun. It's spicy, it's sweet, it's savoury. Looks yummy.

By the way, KK price is RM9.90 (before tax) for a la carte orders. That's 1Malaysia for you.

This is what it actually looks like:
Doesn't look so promising.

KFC's Double Zinger Burger. Not big. Not epic. Pathetic ain't it?!

I still think Marrybrown's Tower Burger is better, though their service is lousy.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Party Planning Mode to the Max

It's November and I've got about 3 weeks to prepare for Mia's 2nd birthday party. So much to do for such a little party.

We have decided on the theme and venue, but I'm still negotiating with the venue over the cost and what they're offering. Once this is done, then I can send out the invitations. Not that many, about 40 pax, half are kids/babies.

The theme this time is Mickey Mouse & Friends. Some of the older kids (older than Mia that is) might not be interested so much in Mickey, so I had to throw in Angry Birds as part of Mickey's "friends". Such unlikely combination, but hey, whatever it takes to have all the kids have fun together with the birthday girl.

The first thing I had to make for this party was a pinata. You know the game where the kids get to hit a a papier-mâché or other type of container that is decorated, filled with toys and or candy and then gets hit until smashed and the kids dive in to pick up the toys/candies?

Pinata can take a long time to make especially for someone like me who's never ever made one. That's why I started the pinata project last month. The result:Hmmmm, looks like Mickey went for a sun-tanning session with Tom Jones. I'm so torn now, should I repaint the face?! Honestly, Mickey really looks freaky.

Badu punya pasal (continued)

Nampak tu. Jadi instructor bah sia. So, the "badu" I got the other day was to be used to teach the ladies of our church how to make.... jeng, je, jeng, jeng.... 'HINAVA'.

It was my turn to host the monthly ladies meeting. Because our kitchen was small, and also because I still don't have the confidence to share any recipes that involve actual cooking, I decided to share a fail proof recipe. Even so, 3 days before the actual event, I asked my mum to teach me. 1 day before the event, I tried it on my own, baru konfiden sikit!

Bonus time. The night before the ladies meeting, our baby gaga did something which I thought was funny but at the same time cute. Mia had her bath, the maid helped her put her pyjamas on. We were watching tv for a bit and when we turned around, this is what we saw:
Alalalala... Mia turned her pyjamas top into a toga top. Fashionista! I think she's been spending way too much time watching the Kadarshians with me. Note Khloe Kadarshian.

Upon closer look, our fashionista had a slight wardrobe malfunction, exposed booby.

I tried to get her to put her sleeve back on, but no. She refused. So, I just let her go to bed with her toga top.