Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Playtime (which is like as long as they're awake) is really messy. I've learned to turn a blind eye on the chaos they create. I'd like them to just enjoy being kids for now. So long as they don't hurt each other.

Playtime used to be just Mia playing with ALL the toys. She refused to share. The only toys she'd let Alan play with are those which are broken, or not so "fun" for her.

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Now however, they love to play together! Yes, Mia is also learning to share. Slowly, but surely.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Likes to sleep

Mia likes to sleep.

I picked her up from school today and her teacher reported that at 10.30am, she just got up and walked over to mattress to sleep. In the middle of class.

We come home, she watches TV and now she's gone to sleep once again.

She does sleep a lot at night too. She usually falls asleep around 8pm and wakes up around 6.30am.

Still, she needs her afternoon nap.
If I can only get them to take afternoon naps at the same time... that would be bliss.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Deleted Posts

Not a happy Sunday.

Feeling very annoyed/frustrated at some "issues". Plus I accidentally deleted some posts from my blog.

I've been taught that if "you don't have anything nice to say, then its best to keep quiet".

So, enough said.

Curl up like a baby

Kids love to play. Our baby Alan is no exception. He'll play with anything that he can get his hands on...pieces of clothings, papers, toys, CD/DVD covers etc.

Earlier this week, he was really enjoying himself playing with bits and pieces of all sorts including the ring sling. Next thing we notice, he was all curled up sleeping like a baby.
Taking pictures of him alone is quite challenging because Mia wants herself to be inside in the picture too.

Look at him.... so peaceful!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Durian oh Durian

One of the many skills I've acquired growing up as a typical kampung girl is the ability to open a durian. Thrilling tu!

Last weekend, my mum bought a big box full of durians for just RM50 in Sipitang. Of the boxful, I got 4 durians.

Here's how much I managed to get out of those 4 durians.

I'm Malaysian through and through. I love durians in cakes, puddings, ice kachang or just eaten fresh.

Our Mia on the other hand:

not so Malaysian! LOL!

Exhausting Day

Friday 6th January 2012

Mia had Assembly, Activities, Physical Education, 1 hour of Art & Craft, Science & Nature followed by B.M class. She has lunch with her classmates in school.

I picked her up and off we drove to Tuaran to pick up my niece from her school... its no wonder her battery ran out as we drove home.
Zzzzzzzzzzz Mia!

My Kitchen Smells like a Spa

My late dad planted lemongrass (in Kadazan 'sogumau') around our kampung home. He liked to cook his "signature" dishes with ... all things exotic eg wild boar (in Kadazan 'bakas') and flying fox/bats (in Kadazan 'gavi'). I don't usually eat exotic dishes but it never really bothered me when he asked me to get him a few stalks of lemongrass from the bush he planted. Pulling a stalk of lemongrass from its bush is no easy feat, its tough. And back then I was a skinny kid and it took me quite a while to get back to him with those few stalks. He never complained if I took longer than usual to do the job.

My dad's sogumau bush today... so bushy

On new year's eve, I asked my nephew to get some stalks of lemongrass from my father's lemongrass bush back in the kampung house. I wanted to use it for our new year's eve bbq but never got round to using them because I was late. That's another story.

Anyhow, last Thursday I saw the bunch of lemongrass and decided to use them to make dinner.

While preparing the marinade, the smell from the lemongrass filled our kitchen. For a while the kitchen really smelt like a good Balinese spa in there and I love it.

A relatively easy and quick recipe taken from the Internet resulted in tadaaaaa:
Lemongrass Honey Pork (recipe available here)

This dish is best served hot off the wok. By the time my husband came home for dinner though, the dish was cold already. My food critic of a husband commented:
  1. Its OK
  2. Taste is good
  3. Dry
In my defense, the food was cold by the time he had them. But then again, I can try again next time.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Movie Time

I love watching movies with the kids. Its a very entertaining experience. Earlier this week we watched "The Smurfs" at home. Its one of the kids' favourite movie to play.

I think it must be because of the cute characters and their catchy tune that attracted the kids to this movie.

But no matter how many times we watch this movie together, Mia would still cover her eyes during the parts that scare her.

She's so scared of:
Gargamel. The baddie.

Even though she's scared of him, she still asks me to play this movie over and over again. Rather cute I think :)