Monday, May 30, 2011


This past couple of weeks have been difficult.

It may have been because of the weather, it could also have been because of Mia mixing with kids (one or more may have been sick) @ her Daycare and she later passed to Alan.

Yes, we've a couple of sick kids in the house followed by one couple getting sick ... me & the hubs.

Poor Alan has to lie with his head raised on a big pillow so he can breathe easier while he sleeps.

And he becomes super-manja during the daytime too because he wasn't feeling too grand.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Unstucking Myself

It is one thing to admit that I've got extra weight to shed. Its another when that extra weight is "mentioned" by a complete stranger.

Case in point:
I was at my Dr's clinic for Alan's 2-month vaccination. As we were waiting for our turn, an elderly lady asked me how old is Alan. With a silly smile on my face I proudly replied, "2 months today." Then she said, "Waaaah! So big o for 2 months. Never mind big like mummy, nice oso!" Hello?!

Don't get me wrong. I wasn't so offended as much as I was motivated. It spurred me to get started on my own "Biggest Loser" challenge, pronto....

So then I can slide (not squeeze) into my jeans once again. By the way, thanks for the picture Mr Google!

The lightest I was during the BC (before children) era was 48kg. I don't intend to go back to my 40's. I looked pretty haggered. On my wedding day, I was 52kg. Not bad.

Then along came Mia and the lightest I got before finding out I was preggars again was 58kg.

Today, it's:
Yikes. The 60's.

My goal is 55kg by 31st August 2011. Let the challenge begin.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sunset Walk

It was such a nice weather yesterday, a tad bit hot in the afternoon but cooler in the evening. My husband wasn't working (hooray for public holiday) and he suggested we take the kids out the park for a bit of fun.

We got to Taman Rimba at about 6pm. There were lots of people there and looking for parking was a near nightmare. We managed to park the car (finally) and we hurried to find a spot for me to feed Alan. He was getting mighty grumpy because it was his feeding time already.

So while I fed Alan, my husband and Mia disappeared amongst the crowd in the playground area.

I took Alan for a stroll around the park after feeding him.
The sun was about to set to make way for the night. We saw a group of elders doing taichi with the sunset as their backdrop. It was magical. I love watching sunsets like this so much so, my sun looks like the sunset now - so red! LOL!
As I turned to my right, I saw the Sabah State Library building. It looks beautiful. I never knew that the building work has completed.
Here's a closer look of the Sabah State Library building. Its nice I must say. The Louvre looking glass pyramid thing looks interesting too. I have to visit the library one of these days.

That wall thing is not for rock climbing yo! I admit that when they were constructing this monument, I was hoping it would be a rock climbing facility. However, it is the known as Tugu Pahlawan-pahlawan (Warriors' Monument) to commemorate the sacrifices made by warriors of Sabah.

It was a good stroll around the park. It may not be as clean or as stroller friendly as Taman Perdana but we had a good time nonetheless.

It was getting really dark and mosquitoes were really getting on my nerves. To me, this was the sign for me to look for Mia and her father so we could go home.

Alan @ 2 months

Alan turned 2 months on Monday (16th May).
He now weighs 6kg. He drinks 4oz of milk every 3 hours and screams out loud if I'm a little slow in making his milk. And yes, he had his 2-month vaccination done. See his thigh?!

From the time he was a week old, Alan has had neonatal acne (baby acne), pretty much like pimples on a teenager going through puberty. It was really bad during his first month but is getting better now.

Am I worried? At this point, not very. Just annoyed and a little impatient. Babies are suppose to have smooth skin! I just wish that those darn pimples would go away super fast.

Here's a little something something about neonatal acne extracted from the Women's Healthcare Topics website

Normal baby acne typically follows a pattern:
  • Traditionally sets in at 3 weeks of age, though may be present from the time of delivery

  • Male babies are more often affected than female babies

  • The most frequent types of acne in infants are papules and pustules. Papules are small solid rounded red bumps rising from the skin similar to a red pimple. Pustules or whiteheads are a small bump in the skin that has a collection of pus.
Most babies develop acne in and around the face, including the cheeks and sometimes on the scalp. Most lesions that develop will spontaneously resolve themselves within a four-month time frame, thus most newborn babies will not need treatment to clear up their acne. In many cases, baby acne disappears within several weeks.

Infant Acne Prevention and Baby Acne Treatment
While there is nothing you can do to prevent baby acne, it can help to gently cleanse the face at least once a day with water and mild baby soap. Afterwards, you should pat your baby's skin dry. It's important that you do not pinch or scrub the baby acne. This is not an effective baby acne treatment. Instead, it may make your baby's acne worse. In addition, you may aggravate the condition with the use of oils or lotions. Oils and lotions that are so-called "treatments for baby acne" just do not help. Remember baby acne will disappear spontaneously in a few weeks.

So, I just have to be patient for now, and hopefully Alan's baby acne will disappear soon.

Titot & Alan

About a month ago, a very dear friend of mine (Christine) visited us at home. She brought along her son, Nathan Emmanuel @ Titot.

Christine and I were suppose to be deliver around the same day but she delivered her baby much earlier and as luck would have it, I was OVER due. So our sons are about 1 month apart. Which is quite a coincidence because there is a 13 day difference between my birthday and Christine's! Same year, same month.... just different date.

We transformed into a couple of mamarazzi when the boys were lying next to each other. Here are just some of the pictures of their visit.

First "hellos"

They both are very Chinese-lookin' boys!

Here's Mia wondering how come there are suddenly 2 babies now

Of course, she didn't want to miss out on photo ops. She went to sit next to Alan herself and see her left foot and where its heading? Ayoyoyoooooo! Like a big brother, Nathan seems to be keeping an eye out for Alan.

Nah. Bonus picture! The mom's got curious (and competitive)... wanted to check something. LOL!

Saturday, May 7, 2011


Our girl Mia has a bit of a social challenge - she doesn't entertain kids her own age. She will not play with other kids and is showing signs of, well there's no nicer way to put this, being rather selfish! She won't share. She likes it when she's in charge ie she runs around the room and other kids follow her from behind. She gets annoyed if she's not the centre of attention. In short - she's becoming a DIVA.

Aside from that, she is at the stage where she loves to climb on furniture. She climbs up the TV cabinet and tries to push the TV, she has climbed into her brother's crib and even climbs to the top of the sofa in the living room.

At 17 1/2 months, she doesn't say a single word - just babbles. This is worrying. I talk to her everyday and try to get her to repeat. But no, she'll just babble. Only when she's REALLY angry, the word "mama" comes out. This happened only twice so far. Otherwise its just:
  • haaaaaaaaaaaah
  • tiah tiah tiah tiah tiah
Just last night, she was babbling in her sleep. Cute.

So, we decided to put her into daycare for half the day. A place where she can learn to interact with other kids, get discipline a bit (I hope), and for me, some time for myself to get the house organised aside from take care of Alan without having to keep an eye out for Mia climbing on furniture.

We are trying out a daycare where they speak to the kids in Chinese and English because we want Mia to pick up the Chinese language. After all, she is 50% Chinese.

First, there was the orientation day for her:
She seems to be quite at home here - rearranging furniture already.

Inspecting her new place

Washing her hands because she went to touch a potty

Here are a few pictures of her first official couple of days to Daycare:
Not an early riser!

While still sleepy, she reaches for her schoolbag

Must bring along her towel ("security blanket") and binky

She cried a bit when we left. But other than that she was OK.

Day 2: I drove her to Daycare myself. She held my hand all the way to school.

Once we arrived, she didn't cry at all. In fact she was smiling all the way to her class. She checked out the play area, ran back to me and gave me a big hug, then went to another teacher sitting at the "feeding area", pulled out a chair and starts climbing onto the table. Alamak. Well, at least she's settled in and so I quickly and quietly slipped away.

Let's hope she likes daycare.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Undomestic Goddess

When we found out I was pregnant, we were happy but at the same time a lot of questions came to mind.

How are we to handle 2 kids under the age of 2? Even though I'm a SAHM, it'll be scary. No maid. My life was already chaotic even with 1 baby... what with the housework to be done, and me taking care of the very needy Mia at the same time.

Let me paint a picture of just how bad it was.

Here's how I decide when to do laundry. I look into the closet and see if my husband still has shirts to wear to work. If it’s down to 1... time to do laundry and ironing! Yes, only when he is left with 1 shirt! Even when I've done the laundry, most times they don't get folded/ironed for many many days, unless of course we have to wear the clothes.

Dinner = tapau (take away). I rarely cooked. Most days, my husband goes to eat at his parents place which always makes me feel bad because I feel that this gives the impression to his family that I fail as a wife, ie can't even cook dinner for the husband.

So a Domestic Goddess I was NOT! But on most days I did manage to keep the house clean on the surface, just not so organised. I managed to keep Mia entertained even though she drives me up the wall.

1 kid, yes, maybe I could survive. 2 kids and housework, NO WAY! I needed help and we finally managed to get a full-time domestic help in mid-February this year. Young she may be but she's a really big help with the housework and the kids.

Nonetheless, I still have a lot to do first like, organising things in the manner I like and then she can just maintain it as such. I wasn't able to do this earlier because of my big belly situation late in my pregnancy, and then came the confinement.

Now that my confinement period is over, it is still a bit of a challenge because Mia likes to climb on furniture, take things out of the closet and throw them everywhere. I can't leave her alone because she pose a threat to herself and her little brother. Who knows, she might go poke his eyes, or worse still, sit on him!

I really need at least a couple of hours a day to be able to get started on organising the house and myself. The solution.... Daycare.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Royal Wedding Get-together

Unless you're living under a huge rock for the past 5 - 6 months, I'm sure you would have known of the recent Royal "I Do's".

Since the announcement of their engagement back in November last year, the media, as with many of the people around the world, has been abuzz with "ooooohhhhhh..... when is the wedding, what's her dress going to be like, will we be able to catch the live telecast?!" I must admit, I was one of the 'many people'.

Last Friday, I gathered some of my best ladies in front of our telly for some foodies and bubblies to watch the Royal Wedding live.

It was so much fun catching up with the girls after so long. Everyone had stories, jokes, opinions and dreams to share. We were so loud, I was amazed that my 2 babies were able to stay asleep. Here are just some pictures of the evening:

We had chicken wings and sandwiches. See those mini Brit crocs... they're keychains I got from our honeymoon in England two years ago.

Of course there was wine and sparkling juice to toast to the royal newlyweds. There were also lots of Donashi for dessert. Thanks Rosie & Flo for the Swiss roll. That was great with coffee the next morning.

I also asked our maid to join the fun

Alan was sure glad Aunty Flo is around to play with him

My, what huge arms I have. It sort of jiggles now. That's just part of the baby weight I have to get rid of. My thighs are so huge now that they rub against each other when I walk. I'm afraid that if I don't do anything about it, one day smoke may appear from all that rubbin' with the thighs.

The Royal Wedding was really fun to watch together. If it were planned better, I would have gotten some Will & Kate masks prepared or fancy hats for us to wear! But then again, this was all last minute arrangement and we still had a great time.

One down, much more to go!

Yes, I've sorted out our closet. Gotten rid of some clothes which I'm glad I did. I was never going to fit into them again anyway. And, I'm left with these. Hmmmmm, the bottom right looks so bare now. Time to get some new stuff. Oh yeah! Dream on woman. Until I shed some baby weight, I'm going to let the purse have some well deserved rest.

It might have taken me a while, but I managed to do it. I feel so relieved. Now I can focus on other things to do.