Sunday, September 27, 2009

Making Baby No 1: Moving On.

Today Fred accompanied me to go for my review. My Doc greeted us with "Wow, 8 months already!" Yes, wow... time flies. We have another 5 - 8 weeks to go.

Our little Mia is consistently growing and at this stage she is 2kg or 4.4 lbs. As for me, I'm 63kg at today's weigh in!

She's very active inside always moving about and kicking/punching me in not so nice places including my pee pee bag. To which I have to tell her..."OK, anywhere but the pee pee bag please!"

Another thing that has happened this last Wednesday is I noticed my belly button was being pushed from inside. Oh my gosh....Mia is trying to push it out!!!! The bigger belly, the bigger boobies, the slightly larger calves, the waddling, the ugly green veins that's appearing on my breasts I can handle. But NOT a popped out belly button. I frantically pushed and pressed my belly button back in and told Mia to stop it. Thank goodness the jerking stopped and the belly button is safely and gorgeously tucked inside. However, I don't think it'll last though, so my Plan B when that happens would ultimately be to.... put a plaster on it.

Secretly though, when she is moving about, it gives me the assurance that she's fine inside. She usually loves to move about when I'm lying still. Everytime I switch position (eg lie on the side), she'd also move about to find her comfy position too.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Making Baby No 1: What's in a name?

31 weeks already today... another 6 - 9 weeks to go!

It has been a while since I've updated my blog and a lot has been happening. But first, a little announcement:

On 09.09.09, I went to see my doc for my review together with Teresa Alberto (let her have a chance of seeing Poppy!). All tests were fine (urine check, blood pressure check, weight check) and then it was time for the scan.

This time, Poppy was ever so cooperative and decided to show off:No sausage this time. Just a plain burger! Yes, a girl... We'll soon be welcoming Amy Liew Yi Mei.

Which then may raise some questions. Why Amy? Well, because:
  1. I wanted Amelia but hubby said it's a bit difficult to call.
  2. Amy is short and simple.
  3. Amy, after a good friend who's 1 strong, smart and ambitious lady whose birthday also falls in November.
  4. Hello, this little munchkin is going to me a little me. Angeline Mimie becomes Amy.
The name Amy means Beloved, while Mei means Beauty (or beautiful, can't remember my husband's explanation now!). So, to directly translate her name, it would be our Beloved Beauty I suppose. One thing for sure, she'll be inheriting the beloved beauties of my past.... my gorgeous handbags!

I was discussing with my husband that I've got at least 3 friends who are called Amy and there may be a bit of a confusion. So, we'll still be nicknaming our little Amy....."Mia".