Monday, August 23, 2010

9 months

Our girl is 9 months today and weighs 9kg. Yeah! or in her own word(s) "aiiiiiiiiiiii".

That's right, she cheers herself by saying "aiiiiiii" every time she accomplishes something eg:
  • standing up
  • landing on her bum
  • walking round the coffee table while holding on to its edges
  • finishing her meal
She hasn't grown any teeth yet. We'll have to make do with her toothless grin for now.

She likes to meet people and isn't afraid of to greet, smile, 'chat', and eherm.... showoff her skills.

She babbles a lot. With the exception of 'bah-bye'; and 'papa', I really can't understand anything she's saying but I pretend to be able to, just to encourage her. She doesn't say 'mama', or 'mummy' at all. Just 'papa'.

She doesn't like to sit in her walker for too long and when she's had enough, she'll literally dive out of the walker and start crawling to the nearest edge of a furniture that she can get hold on to support her in her walk.

She loves to smile for the camera and when others are laughing (be it people, the tv or the radio), she'll laugh as well.

She opens drawers. Those set of steps you see there, she's climbed to the top much to my shock. I thank our lucky stars that she didn't fall. It's time that we buy some safety gadgets.

She likes to do what we do, eg read the mail.

And when she sleeps, she has to be surrounded by her 'friends' to watch over her.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

I love gifts. It doesn't matter whether they're expensive or otherwise. What matters most is that the gift comes from the heart of the giver. I do admit though, there are times when have to think "WHAT?!", only to break out in laughter later.

Thankfully, our little Mia has inherited this appreciation for gifts received. Well, anything new that she can get her hands on is considered a gift for her!

Last week she got some gifts from Auntie Takako sent all the way from Tokyo. Here's one of them:

Thank you Auntie Takako... baby is loving the feeding bib! Just what we need for a messy eater like her. Lets hope she'll take up diving like you and her papa when she's a little older so she'll get to see real fishes in the sea.

More on the other gifts from Auntie Takako soon.