Monday, November 17, 2008

My 7 Dream Cars

Oh my gosh, I got tagged and didn't know about it. Read on, you could be NEXT!

Today was an interesting day of exercise (shopaholic way) for me and my MOH + bridesmaid. Yeah, I went shopping with Janet and Rosie from 1Borneo to KK city centre and back to 1Borneo for wedding stuff.

As we exercised our limbs, our minds, and vocal chords we found ourselves talking about Sinurambi - the breathtaking home of Terry and Rose Mills. It was then that Rosie told me that she had a blog and I could find the link to Sinurambi from her blogspot.

The bigger surprise for me as I went through her blog was that, u-huh... she tagged me on "My 7 Dream Cars".

The rules are simple she says:

Rule Number 1.
The title of your entry must be "My 7 Dream Cars"
(Ditto, done.)

Rule Number 2.
Add a link to the person who tagged you (Ha, si Rosie Simon)

Rule Number 3:
List your 7 dream cars (preferably with pics of those car: Please check below)

No1: My darling is a diving enthusiast and is often asking me to join him for diving trips to enjoy the underwater world. I'm not a great swimmer so, if there's a fancy car out there that I could drive around underwater.... now there's a dream!

No 2: If an underwater car is too far fetched, then maybe a sporty looking car that can convert to a speedboat would be nice, so I could like drive from home to Singapore, Bali, Bangkok, Venice, New York. Allow me to further dream that fuel were free and unlimited.

No 3: If cars are meant ONLY for the road, then at least one that can drive itself, talk, listen, give advise and best of all park itself... would be fine with me. Just the car will do, no need for David Hasselhoff.

No 4: If I can't get a talking car, then at least a stylish car that would allow me to park easily - like this one with doors that go up. Love how it looks like an angel with wings.

No 5: Then again, I'll have to be a little more realistic in my dream. I don't have the cash to match the cars. To make up for parking and style issues, maybe this pink smart car will be good to go... for me.

No 6: On the other hand, with the road conditions here in KK, no way. No itsy bitsy pink car for me. Back to my dream... If I had the money, I'd go for a Range Rover. My dream is to have it in black (though silver is more practical - but hey, the title is My 7 Dream Cars)

No 7: I read a quote somewhere which goes something like "Happy are those who dream dreams and are ready to pay the price to make them come true." As for now, I'll start with an MPV and work my way up (the itsy bitsy pink car included, as my "fun car").

Lastly, Rule Number 4:
Tag at least 7 other bloggers:
  1. Tze Hui
  2. Joyce Tuining
  3. Vera Mopilin
  4. Lenore B. Lee
  5. Zyee Dullie
  6. Florence Manson
  7. Nora Arin
So there you have it. Dream on ...

Monday, November 3, 2008

To Tell or NOT To Tell

I was standing in line at KK's Terminal 2 waiting as patiently as I could for the sales staff to attend to me. Along comes a very kiasu looking gentleman staring at me and the rest of the people in line. Naturally, I stared back at him from top to bottom. Let him feel what it's like to be stared at. Horror came over me as when my eyes reached just under his belt. The idiot seems to have forgotten to zip up his pants! He must have forgotten because I don't think he meant to parade his “thingy” around in public. No doubt it was steaming hot at the airport due to a power cut hence no air conditioning, but that's not a valid excuse to create ventilation in unnecessary places. I immediately looked away.

There I stood contemplating what should be my best move. The question of “To tell or not to tell?” kept dancing between my head and my heart.

Etiquette tells me that I should tell the gentleman of his situation. But he kept on staring at me as if I were his enemy. The kiasu of a gentleman walked right up to the front of the line. An equally kiasu looking lady was there and they spoke a bit. Seems like they're together. I was itching to tell him about his zipper to save him from further embarrassment. But his attitude, tone of voice and look were holding me back. What if I were to tell him and he gets embarrassed. I mean it's easy for us ladies, we'd want to be told. But a guy? He might take it differently. And if I were to tell his wife or girlfriend whoever she may be, she'd be thinking what am I doing looking at her man's thingy zone?

Before I could ponder the issue any further, the guy whipped out his obviously brand new cellphone, jiggle his branded wristwatch around and stared at me again as if I were a piece of trash. Well, granted I was not dressed to the nines at the time but come on, you don't have to give me that kind of look. Really, if you're so rich why are you traveling on Air Asia? Without wasting another second I decided to shut up and let him find out himself later on. His attitude was telling me that he's so proud of himself and I'd be dammed to let him further up his pride in letting him think others want to check him out.

Now, if he wasn't such a show off, then I wouldn't hesitate telling him of his zipper situation ... politely of course.