Saturday, October 31, 2009

We Made It!

It's week 37 of my pregnancy. We made it!

I really should be joyous in celebrating this time when my baby is now considered full term. However, today I feel horrible:
1. I've got the flu.
2. My lower abdomen is in pain.
3. I've got a huge headache.
4. Vomit season is back.
5. I wanna sleep, but I can't.
6. My energy meter is at its lowest.
7. Mia is wiggling so much and she can't seem to find her comfy spot. Wonder why...

We went to see the Dr for my weekly review today. Our Mia is now 3kg in weight. My amniotic fluid is normal. Her heart beat is strong. Blood pressure is good (110/70). My own weight is 62kg... down 1kg. What?!!! I'm losing weight already?! What gives?! Must be the vomiting sessions.

Oh, another reason for me feeling so down is our car accidentally scratched another while trying to pass some cars which were double parked in Lintas, in front of Yen Ai. Nothing major but still, we'll have to bear the responsibility. Darn it. Because of these double parkers, a two lane street can only allow for cars to use 1 lane and then some people just don't know to move further to their left to let another car which is already maxed to their own left to drive by.

*Sigh* What a day.

October 2009 Happenings: More Birthday Celebrations

Yes, that's right. We celebrated yet more birthdays.

Tonight, we had another dinner in honour of the following birthday girls:

Anna Hiew: 29 October
Rosie Simon & Amy Chee: 7 November
Juriah Uda: 20 November

This time we celebrated at Upperstar, Damai. Though it was only 7 of us, yet it was great.

We had a blast talking about old times, getting old, our travels, past loves of our lives and possible things to do. Until we get DSLR cameras, we're putting photography classes on hold. Can you imagine us coming to class clutching on to our cybershots, slimcameras and sony erickson phone-cameras; while others have their mighty giants hanging around their necks?!

Having to share my brain with Poppy more and more these days, I forgot to take pictures of the presents for the girls and some other foodstuff/drinks. Anyway, hope you enjoy the slideshow:

October 2009 Happenings: A Surprise Baby Shower

Friday 23 October 2009, 7.00pm.

We're back at Lemongrass Restaurant, KK Times Square. This place seems to be our station these days. But hey, we just love its cosy atmostphere and the great hospitality of the owner - Camilla and her team.

Teresa called me the other day and told me to make myself and Janet available on 23rd October at 6.00pm. Thinking she was organising a "Thank you for organising my golden celebration the other night", I said "OK" and asked no more. Well, no more except "What should I wear?" just in case we go to a fancy place.

Adoi, perasannya ada orang want to throw an appreciation dinner.... rupa rupa nya it was a surprise baby shower for me and baby Mia!

We were all accessorised with bibs and pacifiers. Nora's husband (Neel) joined us later and he wasn't exempted from being accessorised!

When it came to opening the gifts.... I opened the gift from Nora & Rita first and LOL! Price tag still stuck on the present. It's ok ladies...

Then next came the gift from Rosie.... hehehe, kes kelam kabut in buying the gift and putting on the ribbon to decorate... the ribbon came apart!

Another surprise from Janet, she got me a pyjamas set for baby Mia.... all pink with its own little hanger and cover. So cuuuttttteeeeee!

Even though we've had a scan of Mia's uh-huh down there and our Dr is pretty sure that we're expecting an "Amy @Mia", the ladies are telling me that it looks like I'm carrying an "Alan". When I told Fred this upon reaching home, he was smiling ear to ear and whispered to our baby, "Poppy, it's OK. If you have a la-lau, we'll love you all the same!".

Yes, Poppy, whether you're an Amy/Mia or Alan.... we do love you lots. Just that, Mummy & friends got you so many pretty dresses and pink stuff already!!!!!!!

Thank you ladies for a lovely night:

October 2009 Happenings: Happy Birthday Teresa!

This year, my partner, bridesmaid and mentor reached a milestone in her life: Her golden birthday!!! Hard to believe but Teresa Alberto celebrated her 50th birthday on 15th October 2009. 15th October is also Apsara's (Vera's daughter's birthday!).

So, the 9 of us eagerly skipped to Lemongrass Restaurant in KK Times Square for an intimate dinner. There was supposed to be 10 of us but Alice Kunjan couldn't make it due her not feeling very well :(

Here are just some of the pictures from the party:

October 2009 Happenings: Sports Camp 2009

My niece Jill Avie was selected by the Ministry of Youth & Sports (Sabah) to represent Sandakan to attend this year's Sports Camp for gymnastic, held between 9 -11 October 2009 at the Likas Sports Complex. At just 6 years old, she's the youngest participant there. There were other participants from other parts of the state taking part in other sports eg basketball, taekwando etc.
Her elder brother was so jealous that Avie was selected he told her stories of the hostel where she'll be staying is haunted. She cried and told her coach that if her "Auntie Yummy yummy" can't come to see her in the hostel, then she's not attending the camp. So, I had to step in to give a little pep talk to Adam over the phone and meet up with Avie over the 3 days of the camp to make sure she's alright. She was great throughout!

Jill Avie updating her friends on the room arrangements at the Sports Complex hostel hall.

She may be the youngest, but she was the team leader! Avie leading her group back into the hall after completing 1 outdoor task. Notice how she can delegate... everyone else is holding on to something to bring back into the hall, and she just smiles in front of the line!

Back inside the hall. Lining up for the next activity... cartwheels. I also had to do these for gym class when I was like.... 9 - 11 years old!

Her shoes fell apart.... so we had to go out and buy her new shoes, and matching socks!

The high bars.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

What a raya....

Mr & Mrs Fred Liew (31 weeks preggers with Mia) @ Kundasang. 3rd day Raya, 2009.

This is the 1st raya that we sort of celebrated as a "Mr & Mrs". What better way to spend it than visiting Muslim friends during their open houses on the 1st day.

Fred and I then joined our church members for the 2nd & 3rd day raya for a family trip to Kundasang. It really has been a while since we went there. This trip was also special for me because it's the first trip that I ever made out of KK in such a long time. With my vomiting and the H1NI that's been going around, I was practically banned by Fred to travel. I was so excited for this trip that I started packing 2 nights before we left!

The trip to Kundasang was really great this time, although we had a worrying start to the journey ie heavy downpour when we left KK. Lucky for us the rain subsided once we arrived in Kundasang. We went to the usual touristy places ie Kinabalu National Park (checked out the flora & fauna exhibit), Mesilau and then the Desa Cattle Farm.

It was the 1st time for most of us to go into the cattle farm.

The cows really look like the picture on the Desa Milk cartons (minus the daisy flower)!

It was quite an experience to see how disciplined the cows were in lining up and waiting for their turns to be milked.

Those are the cows having their feed and being milked at the same time.

The smell however was something not so great. What smell you may ask?
The smell of cow poop. There were poop everywhere! You see, while the cows were waiting for their turn to be milked.... they just poop and poop and poop. Well, they're healthy I suppose and at least we know now that we're not getting milk from constipated cows.

The next day, we visited the Kundasang War Memorial Park. It's really nice now... a lot nicer than when I visited it last in 1998. Anyone going up to Kundasang should make a stop at the Australian Memorial Park.

There are exhibits of the Australian and British soldiers amidst the beautiful gardens to enjoy. Its a really nice and educational place to visit.

Back in KK however..... my beloved Kembara has been stripped of its inside:

You see, I'm the only person my husband knows who can "koyak" two engines in 1 lifespan of a car. That's right, in the 10 years I've had this car I managed to rip apart 2 engines. An expensive lesson.

Till today, I'm still waiting in vain for the parts to be put together. Hopefully, I'll get my car back soon. Till then.... huhuhuhu..... I'm soooooo sorry.....

Monday, October 5, 2009

Coming soon ....

Mia has been squirming in my belly so much today that somehow the lines "Mamma mia, here I go again. My my, how can I resist you? Mamma mia, does it show again?" required me to answer:

  1. Yes, Mia - you're at it again.
  2. Enjoy your space now Mia, because your "hotel room" is going to get even more snuggly soon and you won't be able to move so much.
  3. Yes, Mia - it shows. You're making my belly look weird when you move so much.
Being anxious 1st time parents, Fred and I attended an antenatal class last Saturday. It was held at the KK Specialist Centre. There were 9 - 10 couples just like us (except they were clearly younger than us!).

The class covered areas such as exercises to prepare for natural birth. Yes, we're aiming for natural birth. The exercises covered were like pilates really with the breathing, stomach, back and pelvic floor exercises. We were all taught and practiced in class how to do these exercises.

The second part of the 3 hour class was the birth process which was covered by Sr Agnes who has had over 30 years of experience as a midwife, overseas and locally. Her explanation was quite entertaining because of the "interesting" way she pronounces certain words.

Later on, Sr. Agnes also shared with us some tips on breast feeding (which unfortunately I am not able to provide for our Mia because of my medication), bathing the new born and most importantly - tips for calming the baby. It was quite humorous to hear the stories of what has happened to fathers in the delivery room.

I would recommend 1st time parents to go for the antenatal class as its really helpful. The cost is RM120 per couple (including refreshments) and for those in Kota Kinabalu, you can call 088-257191 for Sr Agnes to book your place. The class is held only once a month and it is recommended that you should attend it during your second trimester. Oh.... and you also get freebies ie goody bags!