Sunday, December 13, 2009

A Woman Confined: Day 19

Another lazy Saturday. Husband spent most of the day out of the house running errands.

Mia and I decided to just hang loose... until I got bored and took pictures of her feet!

As part of my spring cleaning project, I decided to clear out my e-mail clutter and came upon these pictures sent by a very dear old friend of mine.

Identity theft, password theft, privacy could be a thing of the past by going back to basics in innovative protection techniques.... plus you'll be able to save quite a lot on heating costs!

1) Others can't see what those fingers are crunching.... but hey, it'll appear on screen.

2) To improvise on the screen covers seen at ATM machines may be an idea.

3) If your budget and vanity is not of an issue, try the ultimate protection:

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