Monday, January 9, 2012

Likes to sleep

Mia likes to sleep.

I picked her up from school today and her teacher reported that at 10.30am, she just got up and walked over to mattress to sleep. In the middle of class.

We come home, she watches TV and now she's gone to sleep once again.

She does sleep a lot at night too. She usually falls asleep around 8pm and wakes up around 6.30am.

Still, she needs her afternoon nap.
If I can only get them to take afternoon naps at the same time... that would be bliss.


Jue Space said...

Cute lah your son..sama mcm my anak buah yg lelaki..heheh

AngelineJ said...

Thanks Jue! He is just like many other babies... loves to smile, chuckle and cry a lot too. Berapa umur your nephew ah?

Jue Space said...

Hi..3 years old...