Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Playtime (which is like as long as they're awake) is really messy. I've learned to turn a blind eye on the chaos they create. I'd like them to just enjoy being kids for now. So long as they don't hurt each other.

Playtime used to be just Mia playing with ALL the toys. She refused to share. The only toys she'd let Alan play with are those which are broken, or not so "fun" for her.

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Now however, they love to play together! Yes, Mia is also learning to share. Slowly, but surely.


Anne B. said...

wah brani juga c mia naik atas tu keta....bgs la dia suka tdr kan supaya 'sihat' hehee lau c dania mlm la paling susa mau tungu dia tdr coz she had afternoon nap sdh kan,

Cinda said...

... a messy house is a happy house... well in some cases ;)