Friday, January 6, 2012

Movie Time

I love watching movies with the kids. Its a very entertaining experience. Earlier this week we watched "The Smurfs" at home. Its one of the kids' favourite movie to play.

I think it must be because of the cute characters and their catchy tune that attracted the kids to this movie.

But no matter how many times we watch this movie together, Mia would still cover her eyes during the parts that scare her.

She's so scared of:
Gargamel. The baddie.

Even though she's scared of him, she still asks me to play this movie over and over again. Rather cute I think :)


Rose Flower said...

Jangan kan budak, sia ni pun suka tingu tu smurf movie. Dui gia si Mia sampai tutup2 mata bah dia. Ya bah jahat betul si gargamel tu hahaha...

de engineur said...

We have seen this, too & the whole family love it!

AngelineJ said...

Agreed... this movie is really good. And as I'm typing this, me and the kiddos are watching it (again!). Mia still covers her eyes. LOL!