Saturday, January 7, 2012

Exhausting Day

Friday 6th January 2012

Mia had Assembly, Activities, Physical Education, 1 hour of Art & Craft, Science & Nature followed by B.M class. She has lunch with her classmates in school.

I picked her up and off we drove to Tuaran to pick up my niece from her school... its no wonder her battery ran out as we drove home.
Zzzzzzzzzzz Mia!


Rose Flower said...

Aduiiiiiiiiiii punya kasian, butul2 exhausted bah cara zzzzzz tu pun buli tau...deeeeeppppp sleeppppp : )

AngelineJ said...

Ya bah Zie. Yg funnynya, mula mula bising betul mulutnya ber nying-nyong cerita babytalk. Tiba-tiba silence. When I turned around, sudah VERY deep sleep.