Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Eyebrow Embroidery

There are people out there who are willing to try out anything in the name of beauty. I’m not an exception.

I’m just so frustrated with my eyebrows – they’re weird. On the one side it gets wild and bushy fast. On the other, it’s like plantations in the desert (so rare) caused by over-plucking many years back. So, whenever possible, I do get help from professionals to tame my brows. Each time I do so, the professionals highlight the “issues” with my brows. Each time they do, they’d recommend this fantastic procedure called “Eyebrow Embroidery”.

Last Friday, I gave in to their sweet talk and tried out “Eyebrow Embroidery”. It’s not tattooing they say – it’s a simple procedure which takes less than 3 minutes using a machine to make your brows trimmed, shaped, and really natural. All they need to do is to draw the brows first and if I like the shape, then they’ll perform procedure.

OK, I thought. So I lie on the bed and put my full trust on the eyebrow engineer. For the pain that I endured, they might as well call it tattooing. When it was finally over and what seemed like eternity, I opened my eyes and had the shock of my life. My brows were as charcoal black as charcoal black can be. I felt that my brows were so fake!

I was then told not to worry as it’ll peel over the next few days and I’ll have natural looking brows then. And I can come back for touch ups a month after the procedure (4th Feb). It’s been 3 days – 3 days of pure torture every time I move my brows. Imagine being sun burnt and your crisp dry skin which is still attached to your flesh cracks – that’s how it feels.

For 3 days, I’ve been going around attending dinners, meeting friends, relatives and vendors while at the same time showcasing my engineered brows. During these times, I could feel how awkward they felt looking at my brows. Honestly there were times I wanted to just say to them without them asking me: “Yes, my brows are even more weird now that I had something done”.

Over the past 3 days, each time my brow reacts according to my facial expression, they hurt. After applying Johnson’s baby oil on them, they feel a little bit better. Nonetheless, after a while they start to hurt again. Of course it doesn’t help that my itchy fingers seem to find their way to my brows and start touching and peeling my barbecued brow.

So now I wait in vain to see how they’ll look like once the peeling is done – naturally. Let’s just hope the pain is worth it!


Anonymous said...

haha mam, awful juga tu. i wonder how ur eyebrows look like. so what's fred comment about it???

AngelineJ said...

Here's his feedback.
Day 1: Waaaah someone go do her eyebrow. Darling, too black!
Day 2: No comment
Day 3: No comment
Day 4: Getting thinner already. Don't do black black next time!
Day 5: Natural now. Good. Don't do again!

Anonymous said...